On Coordination

A lot of you are asking about the coordination of Lizzie and Darcy’s clothes. Did we plan to do that? Do we text each other pictures of our clothes the night before? Are we trying to ruin your lives?

As actors on our show are primarily responsible for their own clothes, we all bring a bunch of options to set. I have notes about what I need in each ep based on what’s going on, and also whether or not I stand up. (Note that I often don’t, and therefore don’t have to worry about my lower half.) Sometimes I have a very specific outfit planned for an ep; sometimes I have a few options. Before we shoot each episode, the actors in it make sure our clothes look good together, that we don’t clash, but also aren’t too similar. Daniel and I pay extra attention to make sure we look good next to each other, since part of the story is rooting for our characters to be together.

But still, when I started seeing all the “Lizzie and Darcy always match” posts, I thought the fans were just seeing what they wanted to see. We are well coordinated, surely, but not the extent they’re saying we are. Then I saw this post and I realized yes, we do kind of match. I think we were more successful at coordinating than I even knew at the time.

As to whether Daniel has ever texted me a photo of an outfit in advance, he has, but not for Darcy. Before we left for NYC to participate in John & Hank’s Evening of Awesome he sent me a picture of his outfit for Augustus. 

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